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It is cold and windy outside. The sky is gray and the leaves have almost all fallen down to the ground. Hardly any green can be seen anywhere except for the forest green of the evergreen cedar, fir, and pine trees speckled throughout the country side. Thanksgiving is just a few days away! Do you feel thankful today? Is there springtime of God's love in your heart? Or does it seem like winter in your heart right now?
Sometimes our hearts grow cold on God and we find ourselves caught up in the winter blues, instead we should be on fire for God and praising him outwardly for his wonderful love, provision, and blessings. We should never let the winter blues make its way into our hearts. God has done greatly above anything we could ask or think, and deserves our affection. When we allow the devil to poison our minds into thinking we are not accomplishing anything, or we are not worth anything, or we have failed as a Christian, remember it is exactly that--poison! You should never accep…

A Repentant Tongue

Sometimes I get caught up in the fuss, Of getting things done and preventing a mess; That I harp and spend my words to fast, And feel regret when the day is past.
I lay in my bed and cry in my heart For God to give wisdom and grace impart. For Oh, how I wish I could take back some word, That I wish my children had not heard.
My tongue yet a small member is great to sin! It causes despair and hurt in others when I hastily use it to correct some deed, When I should be patient and let God lead.
Oh, how I wish I could control this tongue For it often causes me to lose the song I’ve just sung. For after all are asleep and it’s just me and God I remember what I’ve said and I have to plead the blood.
For a guilty conscience who can bear? Or a wounded spirit full of despair? For regret of something hastily done, There is only one hope—yes, only one.
To get forgiveness from God on high Would allow me to go on, and the tears to dry. And grace from Him can keep me strong To help me try to undo …

To Be A Spirit-filled Mother

When things are calm the way they should be And the boys are good and listening to me When I can sit and relax and watch My two-year-old happily playing with blocks I so enjoy to see him smile It makes all the housework seem worth while When I see him play and tumble It makes me feel sort of proud, yet humble To keep this moment close at hand And to try to stop youths ever slipping sand Would make me selfish to not see That he too deserves a good life like me. I love to fold laundry while listening To the peaceful sound of him playing And his brothers off somewhere near Fascinated with childhood and free of fear These awesome peaceful moments follow The dread and fear that was hard to swallow When life was hectic and troublesome And I couldn’t think to get anything done Just as I reached my wit’s end And told God I would completely rely on Him He gave me oh, such peaceful rest Once I had finally passed the test And now the calm yet noisy day Is filled with laughter and children’s pl…

Make A Pearl

Although the days grow rough and long, Although at times I feel no song, I may feel so weak and worn, But I’ve never felt the pain of Jesus’ thorn.
When I am frazzled and out of strength, When I can’t think past today in length, When all hope of tomorrow is hidden in fear, I remember that Jesus knows and is always near.
When I grow frustrated at all the wrong, And I become bitter and lose my song, I can’t see any right prevail, But I’ve never suffered the pain of His nails.
When tattling tongues bear my name, And all of my glory is turned to shame, When others say untrue and hurtful things, I remember all of Jesus’ shameful sufferings.
How can I bear the pain of the way, The sting of false friends and the things they say? How can I keep my heart a cheer, When my family is no longer dear?
What causes those frustrations to linger on While criticism cuts down the confidence won? And all you have left is your children and mate Who look up to you to predict a positive fate.
The heartfelt …

Thy Will, Not Mine

Help me Lord I sincerely pray. Help me Lord to know Your way. What is it You’d have me be? I long to do Your will for me. Here I pray and Your word I read, And ask that You would intervene. I am wanting to see You work things out, If only I could feel Your whereabouts. Why I pray and pray and never see Until I've done what I want and sinned And now I ask for cleansing Lord, For I have messed things up again.
Now I see what You wanted for me But Lord, that’s not what I want to be. There’s no shining lights or fame or fun, That’s just something behind the scenes! Where’s the accomplishment for others to see? How can this possibly be best for me? What about all my dreams I've built What about all of yesterday’s guilt Won’t all these make it wrong For me to go where You say I belong?
Child if you just trust in me, You’ll see things you never thought you’d see. No big houses, lots of money, or fancy cars But how about a mansion and a life free from sins scars You won’t be exalted …

The Wise Heart

When we are obeying God’s Word, using self-control, fearing God, and trusting Him to meet all our needs, we are wise. The book of Proverbs has a lot to say about wisdom, doesn’t it? While reading chapter one I saw how it says in verse thirty-three, “But whoso hearkeneth unto me shall dwell safely, and shall be quiet from fear of evil.”(wisdom is talking in this passage) One of the most sought after things in this life is peace! The ability to relax and not worry about what will happen next. The calm serenity that makes you want to sing, or just breathe in deeply. The realization that it is all under control – God’s control. What more could you want? Wisdom is crying after mankind in verses twenty through thirty-three, and man is pushing her away. The answer to so many of life’s problems are found in the wisdom of God but yet we all too often fail to apply wisdom to our hearts. Instead, we go on living our life’s the way we want to, struggling along, fighting the battles on our own, fac…

He Shall Direct Thy Paths

Some of the most comforting verses there are in the Bible are found in Proverbs 3, especially verses 5-6. "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths." It seems that I use these verses at least once a week, usually when I am tempted to worry. No matter how often I use them they are always just as comforting or convicting (when my heart is not right). These are probably the most well known verses in the Bible about the Lord's directing hand but they are far from being the only ones.
Psalm 37:23-24 is another one of my favorites, "The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord: and he delighteth in his way. Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down: for the Lord upholdeth him with his hand." This passage of scripture also talks about God's directing hand. Sometimes we face decisions in our lives and we have to seek God's guidance to keep from m…