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Closer to Him

It is cold outside, the snow is white the sunshine has just sprung it's light the day is starting off real fine if only I can keep myself in line we will have an awesome day if everything keeps a going this way.
But deep inside my heart dear Lord I feel the bitter winters cold I need Your word to light my day I need Your fire to help me stay in line with You and free from wrong in tune with heavens glorious song
Oh, how wondrous to be like You Oh, but if only it was true that I had reached that higher ground where besetting sins no longer abound where life is full of God and free from sins plaguing misery
Of course that is my daily goal to live a godly life that's full of all the good blessings that come I don't want to settle for just some Dear Lord, You intend for me to be completely sold out to thee
So, Lord Jesus, with Your help, I try again with my hand in Yours the victory to win For what was this day created for I ask? Is it not to accomplish some heavenly task? to…

A little bunny advice

I love to watch a bunny rabbit hop around and nibble on the leaves in the garden. He seems to be so calm and cool. He goes about his business without a care in this world. That little bunny that hops around so happy-go-lucky might seem to be so care free, but if you try to go near him he will run for fear. If you are able to corner him, you will see him just tremble all over, frozen in place by fear. He looks as if he thinks you plan on putting him in a stew! Of course you don't mean to hurt him just to watch him and observe out of awe how God has made him; but the bunny is very doubtful.
Many times in my own life I have found myself acting like this bunny. One minute I am carefree and happy, and the next minute I am scared to death because of some problem that has stuck its ugly head up. In stead of trusting God, my Maker, I find myself doubting and overwhelmed with fear. In Isaiah 35:3-4 we read, "Strengthen ye the weak hands, and confirm the feeble knees. Say to them that…