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He Stays With Me

There is not a place that I could go
That He would not go with me
Through trials dark or mountain top
Or upon life's stormy sea
No matter what life brings my way
I have His presence sweet
And even when I feel down low
His presence is enough His strength is meet
It keeps me going it brings a song
It cheers my saddened way
He shows me that I'm not alone
And night will turn to day
His arms so strong uphold me
His embrace bids my drear depart
His listening ear lets me speak my peace
And His balm soothes my heart
With such a friend that's mine forever
I can enjoy friendship's bliss
For I will never have to push Him away
He is mine and I am His
There is never a time when I must refrain
From sharing with Him my heart
For my needs are His to meet
And He longs His love to impart
He wants me to know Him better
Each and every day He calls me
To a place of sweet release
Into His presence I come daily
Just to be able to feel Him near
Brings such comfort and such a joy
It stirrs my …

Why Me?

Why does He love me? Why does He care? Why does He take the time To let me know He's there What makes Him want to be A Savior and a Friend To someone such as I Who is often prone to sin What sparks such attraction What causes such desire That He would give His life To save me from Hell fire When indeed my soul deserves Such punishment for sin He proved to me His love And stooped my soul to win What commitment He shows He never will leave He provides for my needs He blesses when I believe He is my truest comfort He's there to help me through I find that when I need Him He's there with grace anew I find that He is willing To strengthen when I'm weak If I but acknowledge Him And His blessing seek Why would He want me? Why would He choose me? Why would He guide me? Why would He use me? It is such a mystery But I'm glad that He does For what better love is there Than the way that He loves So unconditional it is So unending and complete So full and fulfilling So rich an…

The Savior Asks of Me

The Savior Asks of Me Give Me now all of these, your sins, your regrets, your fears Your pain and sorrow, your dread of tomorrow And all your wasted years
Give Me of yourself, your hopes, your dreams, your ambitions Your confidence and plans, place them in My hands Let your faith in Me come to fruition
Give Me of your time, your talents, your words of praise, too Make My will your own, come continually before My throne Let Me do a great work in and through you
Give Me of the best you have, your devotion, your love, your all Let Me be Lord of your life, take My peace in exchange for the strife There is no ability or part of you to small
Give Me all of you for which I paid the price on the cross For if I have your heart, yea, every part I can give Heavenly gain in place for worldly loss
For what is your life, but a vapor that lasts only so long But if placed in the Master Makers hands, fully surrendered to His plans It can be a testimony of His grace, an orchestrated song
A sonnet about…

Feeding On His Word

Food is a necessity for survival. A healthy diet is an important factor in promoting overall good health and preventing disease. Without enough food, one becomes malnourished. With overindulgence in food, one becomes obese. There are many instances in life where food plays a role. Couples usually date over a meal. Babies come into this world and receive their first meal within minutes. Families gather around the table at suppertime, conversing about the activities of the day. We celebrate someone’s birthday by making him or her a cake, and the list goes on and on. There is no doubt about it, as human beings food plays an ongoing role in our lives.
All things physical can give us a picture of something spiritual. In the next few minutes I would like to show you how our spiritual food affects our spiritual health. Confused? Just keep reading; it will make sense in a minute. In many parts of scripture, God refers to spiritual food. In John 6:35, “And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread…

Come Unto Me

“Come unto Me” the Savior calleth You who are weary tired and spent Lonely wanderer looking for life’s meaning For you was My body rent On the cross, I took your burden Paid the debt to set you free I offer you a home, a place of dwelling If you will simply trust in Me
“Come unto Me” the Master calleth You cannot find true peace in these Riches, honor, and earthly pleasures Come and go as they please Worldly possessions are not lasting They cannot bring true happiness Without Me as your focus You will not find that blessed rest
“Come unto me” My Lord is calling Ye who would live your life for Me There are others along life’s highway Who are blind and cannot see Would you take the gospel to them Shine My light upon their way Let them see that there’s a Savior Who can change their life today
“Come unto me” my Maker calleth You were made to glorify Me Your life is not your own to squander You must live so others can see That the Mighty God of Heaven Hath made a way so plain and clear Fo…

Today’s Business is not Tomorrow’s Job

“Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.” James 4:14. Life is short. Life comes and goes without warning or regard to what one wants. We are never sure when it will end. We cannot read the future. We cannot know what will happen or not. We are not guaranteed another moment, hour, or day. What are you supposed to be doing with your life? Have you begun? Have you done your best at giving Him your all? Have you redeemed the time? Have you made each moment count? We all fail to remember that each moment has a purpose. We are given these moments to accomplish some Heavenly goal. For moms it is raising your children for God and teaching them about Jesus. Dads, its providing for your family and being an example of Christ for them to see. To all of us that means taking every opportunity He provides to tell someone about Christ. Don’t wait for tomorrow to do what you were meant to …

My Rock

Many people use the term ‘rock’ to describe someone whom they know they can depend upon for help, comfort, or emotional support. We rely on this kind of person to cheer us up when we are down, or to help us to be strong through something difficult. This kind of person is someone we can go to whenever we need them, and they will always be there for us. Sometimes it is our best friend, a sibling, or maybe a son or daughter. For some of you it may be one of your parents. Whatever the case may be, we have a tendency to cling to that person because of the way they have been our support. We rely on them almost as much as we rely on our morning coffee. It’s often true that we actually become a burden to them, unmeaningfully of course. Instead of building a solid relationship, our constant reliance on them becomes draining and damaging to them. It may even result in a broken friendship or relationship. It may end up separating you from them, simply because as humans we don’t have all the ans…

Eternal Importance

Matthew 6:25 “Therefore I say unto you, Take no thought for your life, what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink; nor yet for your body, what ye shall put on. Is not the life more than meat, and the body than raiment?”

It has been jokingly said about me and my boys that we believe the whole world is divided into two groups—‘food’ and ‘not food’. Many of you who know me personally, know that I love to eat. Yes, I am small, slender, and I’ve had three children, but I love to eat, it just doesn’t show. I enjoy watching cooking shows, and being creative in the kitchen. I eat many strange things that most people would not have even thought of, for instance, bison, duck, elk, quail, lamb, pheasant, etc. And you guessed it, meats are my favorite. There was a time when I went without meat and that was tough, but I did survive. Through all the food allergies and changing up of our diet, I learned something very valuable—to be flexible!
---I don’t have to have what I want!--- A lot of the time,…

Rest and Renew

Ah, the peacefulness of rest… It comes with a wonderful calmness of the mind and emotion, and a refreshing of the body. It lends itself to sleep and facilitates healing. Rest is something all too often sought after, yet not found. In a world of hectic chaos, where one is never done working or striving for some goal, rest is sometimes disregarded or left out. It is something of great importance though, especially to ones spiritual and mental well-being. Without such moments of quiet reflection, one cannot develop a thriving relationship with his Maker. But how can one find time to stop and rest with the ever present demands of life nagging him on in a monotonous circle of never ending efforts? How can one calm his mind and body simultaneously for a brief period of time long enough to clear his mind for communion with God? Is not such communion both necessary and essential to the success of a Christian life? As Christians, we find ourselves distracted easily with the details of life. W…

Our Marvelous Maker

The Lord has done marvelously His name is above all else He spoke the world into existence And rules the ways of nature all Himself
The stars are His handiwork The sun and the moon His greatness proclaim His majesty can be seen in the clouds and rain And the snowflakes, not one the same
The cold north wind that blows Bringing winter’s frost alive The warm south wind that allows Spring and summer to arrive
The way the seasons always come With rhyme and rhythm they align The way the sky clears after a storm And the rainbows many colors shine
The thunders loud crash Is how the scripture describes His voice The lightening’s bright flash Are like arrows going forth at His choice
The birds that sing His praises The crickets nighttime lullaby The way the bees make honey A caterpillar becoming a butterfly
The way all nature comes alive in spring And the budding and blooming flower All these and so much more Speak of their Maker’s power
He is a strong and mighty Maker Who knows and understand…

Nature’s Song of Him

As the deer running through the woods; As a bird in flight; As a fish that swims swiftly through the water; As a frolicking fawn, that dances and plays in the open field; As a river flowing along over rocks and logs; As the waterfall cascading down, splashing and foaming in perfect beauty; so all nature portrays God’s majesty. The sounds, the sights, the feel of nature speak to my senses in such an intoxicating way. It shouts, yet whispers, it stirs yet calms. It cheers yet causes melancholy reflection. There is a special beauty found amongst the woods and fields, the mountaintop and the valley low, where creatures both great and small show evidence of a marvelously wise and artistic Creator. He makes things so beautiful, yet allows the beauty to fade. Never stopping, but continuously creating. Spreading out the sky in glorious splendor; painting the horizon with a colorful sunset; blessing the fruitful field with grain; covering the trees with new life each spring. The birds’ so…

Saying Goodbye

Sometimes when I feel a little thoughtful I remember Mom up in Heaven And my family and friends that are miles away Saying goodbye seems to happen often I feel a little lonely although I don’t want to I know we are still together in heart But sometimes I wish that we were closer Sharing life’s joys as we did from the start It’s hard to say goodbye no matter how much you do it Even when you know you will see them again It’s kind of like you crave their presence But why, that you don’t quite understand It may have been a few months or maybe a few years It may be that their home is Heaven above Days or weeks, months or years, It feels like forever when it is someone you love We form attachments in our lives That sometimes God must break Although it causes us much pain He promises never to forsake So even though we may not have That particular friendly smile to uplift Or feel the warmness of their hug Or the comfort of human friendship’s gift We still can count on always having The Savi…