Let Her Alone

 “Let her alone: against the day of my burying hath she kept this.” John 12:7b

Please read John 12:1-8 for the full story!

Mary had done a selfless deed of love for the Savior. She had poured an expensive box of ointment on Him as a token of her love. That box of ointment may well have cost her as much as a year’s worth of earnings! It was a treasure. It was no doubt the best she had to offer, and she did it out of love.

Mary loved Jesus because He had freed her by casting out the demons that had possessed her. He gave her life, freedom, peace of mind, and much more. Because of this, you often find her sitting at the feet of Jesus listening as He taught the people. She cared not for the things of this world, (money, pleasure, treasure, etc.). She wanted to give her best to prove her love and devotion to the 
One Who had done so much for her. Jesus had made an eternal difference in her life, and she was overwhelmed with gratitude.

There were those who criticized her selfless act, saying it was “a waste”. These individuals were selfishly thinking of monetary value instead of the more important eternal value. This criticism is a common technique that Satan uses to discourage believers from surrendering all to God. In fact, many of us who choose to give our lives to Christ and serve Him with our all will also face such people who criticize our decision. People will say it is a waste of our talents, a waste of potential, and even accuse us of being fanatics, or crazy. They will say that we are not living up to our full potential when we choose to put God first in or lives, and to avoid the distractions of monetary gain that flash so brightly in this world today. However, the truth that they don’t see is that by living for God, we are actually reaching a higher potential than we ever could on our own. One that is much better than this world has to offer. When we surrender our life to Christ out of love and devotion to Him, we are opening up ourselves to be used of God in a mighty way!

What about it, Friend, can you say that you have “poured it all out on Jesus”? Have you surrendered your all to Christ to live for Him and obey Him? I would rather live for Christ and experience His presence than to be chained to sin and self, doing my own thing. I desire none else than to be led by His Spirit daily, obeying His voice in all things, and reaping the Heavenly treasures that lay ahead on the other side.

When the critics come to destroy your desire to live for Christ, don’t let them discourage you. Just remember the words of Christ, “Let her alone.” By serving Christ, you are reaching your full potential, and the treasures will be laid up in Heaven. No greater joy exists than that of living a Spirit filled life!
On a little side note….This same Mary was the first to speak with Christ after His resurrection…What an honor that was! For more on this see John 20:1-18.

~Em Kennedy~

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